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what is acne

Why Do I Have Acne?

Acne is a persistent condition which is just as common to occur during adulthood as it is common to occur during adolescence. Common causes of Breakouts are Hormonal Imbalances (usually Androgen), Thyroid imbalance, Clogged Pores, too much Oil Produced by your skin, and or Bacterial Infections. Acne is also brought on by different factors such as Age, Gender, Stress Level and Skin Type, immigration and much more. You may get Acne because of your Bad Eating Habits, Weak Skin Care Routine (or lack of having one!), or using products which are Too Strong or Too Weak for your skin. You also may make your Acne worse and spread the Bacteria by popping it!

For example, the skin’s oil glands give off greasy secretions which plug the openings that exist for hair follicles. You may have heard of this condition referred to as “clogged pores”. When the clogged openings are large, the result is blackheads. The most common location for blackheads is the nose, but they sometimes show up on other areas of the face as well. When the openings that are clogged by the secretions are smaller, whiteheads result. Both may swell, and the result of this swelling is acne.

Since There is no one factor contributing to the existence or persistence of Acne on each individual’s face/body, we can only help you by examining your face and coming up with a unique treatment plan that will help you combat your acne! The first step to treating your acne is the easiest - Book a FREE Consultation and let us make you a personalized action plan to fight your acne today!


When it comes to treating acne, it’s important to choose the right treatment for your situation. Having the right acne doctor can make the treatment selection process that much easier. A great acne doctor will have extensive knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics and acne treatment specializations.

As pioneers of medical aesthetics with over 27 years of experience treating a variety of skin conditions, we come to you with extensive experience and a burning passion to help our patients look and feel their best. With hundreds of successful acne treatment cases behind us, we look forward to having you be our next patient to experience freedom and confidence that come with a clear skin!

With Free Consultations and Individually Tailored Treatment Plans, we use our Expertise and Cutting Edge Technology coupled with using the best Medical Grade Products to help all our patients achieve great results. We take pride in our continuous ability to improve our knowledge and techniques to deliver the highest quality treatments for the lowest possible prices!

Take advantage of our Free Consultation, as well as our effective and affordable treatment plans, and give yourself the gift of experiencing beautiful, clear and healthy skin that is acne-free!


Thank you Doctors at Acne Clinic you changed my life


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