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Who are we?

Dr. Slim & Skin Care Cosmetic Laser Clinic!!

Dr. Slim & Skin Care is a Patient-Centric Medical based Clinic which offers Non-invasive and Minimally invasive treatments to combat various skin conditions.
Some of our services, besides treatment of Acne and Acne Scars include (but is not limited to) Skin tightening - lifting - rejuvenation, PRP, MesoTherapy, Botox, Fillers, Slimming, Pain Management, and more.

We offer all of our patients a Free Consultation because we believe each individual’s problems are unique and thus we offer courses of treatment that are tailored to the needs of the individual patient based both on the type of skin they have, as well as the challenges they have with it.

With more than 27 years of experience in the medical field, our clinic is science based and results driven. As experts in the field of Medical Aesthetics, we are ready to help you using our past experience dealing with different skin types and conditions, in conjunction with the latest technology and products available in the market

When it comes to Acne, we understand that no two patients’ combinations of acne and skin type are alike, so we bring all of our experience to bear in creating unique, effective treatment plans for all of our patients.

We take pride in the reputation we’ve established through our relentless commitment to continual improvement and outstanding care. We also take pride in knowing that most of our business is through referrals because it proves that we were able to help our patients enough that they wanted to bring their friends and family to our clinic as well!

It is our belief that everyone deserves to have beautiful and clear skin so they can feel confident. Take advantage of our Free Consultation, as well as our effective and affordable treatment plans, and give yourself the gift of experiencing beautiful, clear and healthy skin that is acne-free!

What We Can Do for YOU

Since most over-the-counter products are not strong enough, we will help you through medical grade acne relief products and treatment plans! We could help you Control Active Acne and Avoid getting new ones, Diminish or Get Rid of Old Acne Scars while Preventing new scars or Skin Damage.

Whether it is Acne Treatment, or the Treatment of Pigmentation and Scars left behind from your Acne, we can devise a Personalized Plan to help you Regain Beautiful and Clear Skin!

It is important however, to keep in mind that regardless of what Treatment Combinations we do, your treatment will take time and you must stay Consistent and Patient if you want to get the Best Results Over Time!


When it comes to treating acne, it’s important to choose the right treatment for your situation. Having the right acne doctor can make the treatment selection process that much easier. A great acne doctor will have extensive knowledge and experience in medical aesthetics and acne treatment specializations.

As pioneers of medical aesthetics with over 27 years of experience treating a variety of skin conditions, we come to you with extensive experience and a burning passion to help our patients look and feel their best. With hundreds of successful acne treatment cases behind us, we look forward to having you be our next patient to experience freedom and confidence that come with a clear skin!

With Free Consultations and Individually Tailored Treatment Plans, we use our Expertise and Cutting Edge Technology coupled with using the best Medical Grade Products to help all our patients achieve great results. We take pride in our continuous ability to improve our knowledge and techniques to deliver the highest quality treatments for the lowest possible prices!

Take advantage of our Free Consultation, as well as our effective and affordable treatment plans, and give yourself the gift of experiencing beautiful, clear and healthy skin that is acne-free!


Thank you Doctors at Acne Clinic you changed my life


Immediate appointments are available with no doctor referral Needed

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