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About Us

Toronto Acne Clinic is an experienced, highly respected acne treatment centre. They help those in the Greater Toronto area get rid of their acne not just in the short-term but also over the long-term.


Toronto Acne Clinic has dedicated Staff in all 9 of their Acne Clinics around Greater Toronto helping people to have clear, vibrant skin. That’s because the Cosmetic Dermatology Specialists understands just how difficult life with acne can be. Not only can it create embarrassment among teens and adults alike, but it can also be painful. This combination can have a dramatic impact on the lives of those dealing with it.


Those who have chosen Toronto Acne Clinic as their acne doctor have experienced fantastic results. In many cases, patients report having dramatically improved levels of confidence. Professionals in particular are relieved that the condition no longer makes them feel self-conscious, a difference that by itself can make a tremendous difference in their lives.


One of the things that Toronto Acne Clinic’s patients appreciate most is having Toronto’s Acne Team on their side is they maintain a laser focus on solutions rather than the problem. Many of their patients come to them having focused for a long time on their condition, falling into despair. A cycle of negative thinking has often developed, with some even wondering whether they have any hope of living without acne again. By turning our attention to the acne, our patients get the treatments and behaviours that they can use to turn their conditions around, Toronto Acne Clinic are always able to improve their patients’ lives even before they leave one of our 9 offices after their initial visit.


Our Cosmetic Dermatology Specialist enjoys helping people struggling with acne to beat their conditions once and for all. If you live in the Toronto area and are ready to stop using methods of treatment that don’t work on your acne and instead get help from an experienced acne doctor, call today to schedule your initial consultation.

Dr. Slim and SkinCare techniques are based on Combination Therapy!

Since most Acne issues are so resistant to treatment, after careful examination and face scan, we prefer to combine different methods such as Creams, Medications, IPL Laser (Intensive Pulse Light Therapy), Microneedling, Light Therapy and more.

What We Can Do for YOU

Since most over-the-counter products are not strong enough, we will help you through medical grade acne relief products and treatment plans! We could help you Control Active Acne and Avoid getting new ones, Diminish or Get Rid of Old Acne Scars while Preventing new scars or Skin Damage.

Whether it is Acne Treatment, or the Treatment of  Pigmentation and Scars left behind from your Acne, we can devise a Personalized Plan to help you Regain Beautiful and Clear Skin!

It is important however, to keep in mind that regardless of what Treatment Combinations we do, your treatment will take time and you must stay Consistent and Patient if you want to get the Best Results Over Time!

Why Do I Have Acne?

Common causes of Breakouts are Hormonal Imbalances (Androgen), Clogged Pores, too much Oil Produced by your skin, and or Bacterial Infections. Acne is also brought on by different factors such as Age, Gender, Stress Level and Skin Type. You may get Acne because of your Bad Eating Habits, Weak Skin Care Routine (or lack of having one!), or using products which are Too Strong or Too Weak for your skin. You also may make your Acne worse and spread the Bacteria by popping it!

Since There is no one factor contributing to the existence or persistence of Acne on each individual’s face/body, we can only help you by examining your face and coming up with a unique treatment plan that will help you combat your acne! The first step to treating your acne is the easiest – Book a FREE Consultation and let us make you a personalized action plan to fight your acne today!

Why Combination Therapy and what does each Method Do for Me?

Topical Medications

Some Popular Topical medications include Vitamin C, Retinoids, Azelaic acid and salicylic acid, as well as different types of AntiBiotics.

These topical medications come in different forms such as Creams, Lotions, and or Serums.

Some of them will help by unclogging the pores or hair follicles, while some help reduce inflammation and kill bacteria.

IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) Therapy

IPL leverages different intensives pulses of light to treat different skin conditions. It is especially  used in the treatment of Acne. Unlike topical medications which typically treat the surface layers of the skin, IPL Laser goes much deeper and thus is more likely to treat the issue from the source for a more effective treatment!

Often, below the surface, there are oils and many other substances which cause you to break out into hormonal, pustules, cystic and other types of acne. By killing the bacteria and drying out the oils, IPL has the capability to treat your acne from a deeper layer. Depending on the severity of your acne, you may need a different number of sessions, and you may need to take other supplementary action such as creams, a new skin care routine, or basic/deep cleanse facial.

Aside from the treatment of Acne, IPL can be used to treat certain types of Pigmentation, as well as Vascular problems such as sensitivity, redness, and Rosacea.

Light Therapy

A great way to help avoid the further spread of acne is to use Blue Light Therapy. The biggest advantage in following your IPL Laser treatment with Light is further disinfection of your skin and killing the more topical bacteria which may be residing on the topmost layer of your skin.


As the name suggests, there are many tiny needles that are used to penetrate your skin and make tiny holes in it. By doing so, your body’s natural reaction is to repair itself through producing more collagen and elastin. Though there are many types of Microneedling devices, most of them can be used to get rid of acne scars, pores, and light pigmentation. Microneedling can also help with reduction or removal of fine lines and light wrinkles, as well as tightening your skin and pores if the device has RadioFrequency in conjunction with the Microneedling itself.

Our Location

Choose From Our 3 Locations

200 Bay Street, Lower Concourse
Tel : 1-855-431-7728

7080 Warden Ave, unit B3 Markham, ON, L3R5Y2
Tel : (905) 695-9247

Premium Clinic, 800 Steeles Ave W Unit 4A, Vaughan, ON L4J 7L2, Canada
Tel : (905) 695-9247


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